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Pro Beat Brush Series

Handmade 25-piece brush set.

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Brush Holder

Polyester Holder. PVC film makes the outside waterproof

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Yakeit Pro Mat

PU Leather. Heat resistant and waterproof. Travel Friendly.

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Sehkito Pro Towel

A soft double-sided, high absorbent, fast-drying, sand-free, microfiber suede multipurpose accessory for on-site use.

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I purchased the Yakeit makeup mat and so happy I did. I pretty much make a mess when putting on makeup, but with this it is contained to one area and so easy to clean. I also use it for when I do hair to lay my flat iron and curling iron on and havent had any melting. It is definitely worth the purchase....

Deirde W.

I'm obsessed with my products from Yani's Aesthetic! I have the Mat as well as the cloth towel. Both are amazing to have and gets lots of use in my studio and on location. Yani put a lot of attention to the details. The Mat is a must have for everyone especially pros.

Krii G.

I purchased the Yakeit Mat and I absolutely LOVE it. Easy to store, Easy to clean+ every product you place on top look even more beautiful. Never using paper towels again. Thank you Yani. Will be purchasing again

Keesh W.